Sunday, January 23, 2011

Speed Read

I swear I can do this: !

Speed reading is one of my specialties!

I confess, when my kids were younger I would ever so discreetly skip pages while reading the bed time story.

But, come on, have y'all read a Dr. Seuss book lately? They're like 60 pages long of words that do not exist in the English vocabulary.

Now however, there is no way I'm skipping those pages.

Nope, my kids have all...and I mean ALL, of their books memorized and they're is no way to pull a fast one on them.

Now, every time I try to shorten the book, I hear "MOM! You skipped a page!" and then I pretend it was an accident.

So instead, I have mastered the art of reading an entire book without even realizing that I'm doing so (like when you're driving your car and 10 minutes pass and you wonder how the hell you got where you are??).

I also manage (in my head) to make my to do list for the next day, plan the weekly meals and ponder if it's time to send my 4 year old son to preschool! 

All that in 61 pages of Cat In The Hat.

However, I do sometimes take my time and really pay attention to Thing One and Thing Two, but after a long day of picking up poop off the floor and mediating brawls, I think I deserve to slip into my head once in a while when bedtime story time finally rolls around:-)

P.S Yes, the colors of this page have changed...I'm playing:-)

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