Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little White Lies

''Oh the holidays were great. The kids had such a great time. It was really fun having them around all the time.”


But that is my politically correct, right wing answer when people ask me how the holidays were.

I mean really, who wants to hear, “Well, the holidays were like Chinese torture, my children managed to think of new ways to make me contemplate downing that bottle of wine on the counter and truthfully I don't care if they stay at my life saver of a babysitter for the next 30 consecutive days”.

These are the little white lies we say to make ourselves feel better about our situation and to make others think that we feel good about ourselves.

Or to make sure nobody calls social services on us!

I admit, I sometimes do or say things to make myself seem like a “better” parent.
I often let my 4 year old pee in the yard so I don't have to wipe down every single object in the bathroom 20 times a day, but when he pees in the yard at my in-law's house, I fuss at him a little and act like it's the first time he's done it (I guess the cat's out of the bag now...sorry Gran:-)).

I also have two time-out chairs in my dining room that I never use. I just leave them there to make it look like I'm following all the Supernanny rules and that my kids actually sit quietly in time-out in those damn chairs for the amount of minutes of their age.

Yeah right! Mainly they just use them to stand on and draw on the custom made (expensive) painting I have behind them. Maybe I should move that painting...or the chairs.

I think however, the problem with those little lies is that in reality, if amongst us moms, we would tell each other the truth, we'd probably all feel way better about ourselves.

Because I know you did not LOVE to spend 3 whole weeks with that brat of a child of yours and I know your 1 ½ year old did not miraculously potty train himself in a week.

Maybe a little more honesty wouldn't be so bad. :-)


  1. I rest my purse on the timeout chairs when I periodically babysit the babies Falgout.

  2. Merci Nicole !! Now I don't feel so bad when I confessed to my friend that I wanted to quit my job as a Mom (she also confessed to feeling the same way!). Anyways... I work outside the home fulltime so it was EXHAUSTING staying at home (entertaining the kids - being a playmate is tough !!). Bon sens d'humour ma belle :)xx