Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Forgive And Forget

In this world, I think we tend to instantly forgive two kinds of people: celebrities and children.

Whether it is writing with a sharpie on my red leather lazy boy recliner (children) or sleeping around with any tattooed, lip pierced show girl (celebrity), we forgive.....and fast.

(..with one exception to the rule: my husband does not forgive Julia Roberts for what she did to Lyle Lovett...whatever that was!)

A sweet smile (child) or an Oscar worthy performance (celebrity) and all is forgotten.

Photo by Gwen Aucoin http://www.gwenaucoin.com/
If only I could forgive my husband for leaving his socks on the floor as easily as I forgive my 2 year old for “cleaning” my brand new iPhone in our dog's water bowl, I think my life would be a lot simpler and easier.

I understand why we forgive children. They don't know better...well, in reality, most do, but their lack of life experience trumps their disregard for basic human decency.

The thing I understand less is the celebrity part. Is it because we regard them as “God like” creatures who need not adhere to the basic life rules that we common folk follow? Or is it because the more times we forgive, the more we are able to watch them self-destruct over and over again, the more we can feel better about ourselves?

Anyway, thanks to the fantastic, impartial journalism over at E!News, we will forever be able to keep track of those shady, racist, home-wrecking celebrities, forgiving and forgetting over and over again.

And as for children, what are we to do? Hold a grudge? I doubt that would work. Children are so oblivious to anything unless it's filthy, shiny or candy. (OK people I know that's not true...but it's funny).

Maybe we should all try to forgive and forget like we do kids and celebrities.

Or not.

Either way, the socks will still be on the floor and the sharpie ain't coming out!

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  1. Mark, Luke or Joseph's socks on the floor :)

  2. In our house it tends to be Zack's t-shirts and pants right where he stepped out of them. And I believe I forgive and forget... life is too short.

  3. Kudos Jill! You're right life is too short, but somehow it takes FOREVER for 7:00 bedtime to roll around:-)