Thursday, January 6, 2011

Potty Time or Party Time

What it is with the darn bathroom!

I swear to God, my kids have a spidy sense that goes off in their head the minute my foot crosses the bathroom threshold.

I don't know what they think goes on in there, but you'd swear it's some sort of mystical fairyland where they're giving away balloons and pony rides.

The minute the tinkle of water falls in my tub, here comes 3 frantic kids ripping off their clothes as if they were on fire.

On the rare occasion that I get to lock the handle, screams and frantic banging on the door serenade me until my dear husband is able to finally, somehow distract them.

Still to this day I don't know why I spent such time and effort creating the inviting, peaceful, oasis of a bathroom upstairs (their very own bathroom)...walls adorned with pretty colorful fish...bright, educational shower curtain ('s an actual world map)...buckets full of water guns and bubble bath...a mecca for bath time.
But, no. They insist in bathing in our windowless, dark box of a bathroom..playing with the half broken plastic cup that holds the soap.

I just don't get it.

How many times have I been in the bathroom (using the commode...sorry had to say it) and one (or two) of my kids come bursting in asking me to come restart the “Passe-Partout” (70's french Canadian kid's program....not the morning show) or the “Caillou” DVD.

I swear I'm in there tops two minutes!

I guess it's kind of like a “forbidden” land. And we all know the sure way to get kids to do something is to tell them they're not allowed!

Maybe I'll start telling them their NOT allowed to use THEIR bathroom:-)


  1. It's kind of like the little kids who enjoy playing with the empty boxes their expensive Christmas toys came in. Go figure. Keep on a posting Nicole!

  2. Yeah you're right Kim!Funny...I thought of that when I was writing:-) Thanks for the encouragement Kim!

  3. Same thing over here. We have 3 bathrooms, but really only use one. All of our toothbrushes are in our bathroom. Once, I was using the commode and my son and 2 friends walked in and started talking to me. The funny thing is, his friends didn't even think it was strange, but they have 4 kids in their family. Their mom said it's the same thing at her house. These are the good ol days!!!

  4. I have def. locked the door a few times and just had dave deal with it (the crying) - especially to indulge in a long hot shower!! s.mcc

  5. lol..i hear ya s.mcc..somehow the shower seems to tune the noise out:-)