Sunday, January 16, 2011

And So It Begins

6th place in the pole bending competition at the Harper Stick Horse Rodeo.

That is the award my 4 year old boy is proudly holding in the photo below.

His very own trophy.

I never thought that a child of mine would be participating in anything like a rodeo. Not because it's something bad, just because it's not exactly the reality I grew up in.

The only thing remotely close to a rodeo was when a buddy of mine (who shall remain unnamed) would dangerously yet uninhibitedly do donuts in his jeep in the gravel pit in Saulnierville.

Bronc riding, goat tail pull, barrel racing,bull riding and of course pole bending.

Those are the six events that has catapulted my son into the rodeo scene.

I think the only people prouder then he was of himself, was his father and grand-father.

Stick horse rodeos and bucking chutes are definitely part of THEIR boyhood realities!

So I have a feeling that I will be hearing the words bull riding and stick horse a whole lot in the next few days.

And that makes me smile:-)


  1. Félicitations à Luke! Ride 'em cowboy! Un vrai cowboy cajun.

  2. Go Luke!! xxoxo tante Georgette

  3. That picture on the right is too precious! Can you explain what "pole bending" is? Does everyone know this lingo? -Jill

  4. Pole bending is basically weaving in and out around poles while riding a horse...or in Luke's case, a stick horse. I had no idea..thank you to Mark Falgout for clearing that up for us!