Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Snob

Who would have thought that Lafayette, Louisiana and Nova Scotia, Canada would have this one thing in common.

A snow day!

Yes, that's right....snow day!

Whenever the mere speck of a chance of any kind of frozen precipitation threatens Lafayette, the city goes in complete lockdown mode.

This morning Walmart was buzzing like it does right before a category 5 hurricane. Carts were filled with water, potted meats, beer, chips and the occasional king cake.....the necessities!

The “winter storm” Live Doppler Storm Tracker breaks are coming as often as the JP Thibodeaux commercials.

The Ice Gators hockey game is cancelled because of the ice (on the road).

Barely below freezing temperature and my husband turns into a 90 year old man wrapped in a blanket asking me to turn up the volume on the TV.....all the while bitching about the Wheel of Fortune contestant’s lack of puzzle solving skills. (love you boo).

Now, I am fully aware that I am being a total snow snob!

My hard core mom shoveling snow after a classic Canadian snow storm
I'm like laughing, thinking “What? Snow Day? Where I grew up there had to be blizzard white-outs, dagger like icicles lining the roofs and major power outages for the Superintendent to even consider canceling school!”. And If I were 30 years older, I could replace that with, “When I was a child I had to walk 2 miles, in 5 feet of snow, in blizzards to get to the school house!”

We were hard core (I'm not exaggerating in the least bit:-))!

But even with all my “snobiness”, I get it.

I understand that here, in Louisiana, snow tires, snow plows and salt trucks do not exist and that snow and ice are rarities and therefore mystical, magical and possibly dangerous.

Pardon my negativeness, but the thought of snow does not tickle me in any way shape or form.

I moved here in part to get away from it.

Maybe I'm just pissed because my babysitter took off today.

In any case, Lafayette, I find your valid overreaction to ice very endearing and cute:-)

But, give me 100 smoldering degree weather and sweaty arm pits any day over a cold, wet, cabin fevered snow day!!


  1. LOL and again, a great blog post. Keep it up Nicole!
    Y faut dire que j'm'ai moquer une miette de mes chums louisiannais itou (pour le fun, bien sûr...ils savont qu'ej joke pis qu'ej trouve que c'est cute).
    J'apprécie "l'ice day", car, au lieu d'enseigner, j'peux étudier pour mes examens compréhensifs! (think positive lol)
    Check out le portrait que j'ai compilé hier, 'in honor' du grou winter freeze:

  2. oh, i've been begging for snow - even got out my sorel's in case. i keep getting excited and looking outside to see if anything has changed (it has not). i am hoping the forecast is wrong and that we will in fact have snow. of course it will probably come when i have to work tomorrow morning (my luck)!

  3. The line "i'm probably pissed bc my babysitter cancelled" gets to the root of it all!! I got nervous when Zack left the house yesterday evening to go run an errand. I told him to look out for the icy roads! He said, "You're talking to a man who lived in Colorado. And do YOU know when winter weather month is in Wyoming?" I told him I don't and there is no need to be cocky. But he was really saying it because he likes all the W's in the sentence. Ah, cracking myself up. Just to say, I get it. i get it. I'm from the south. (he would die if he knew I posted what he said)

  4. hahaha...I'm happy to know I'm not the only snob around these parts:-):-) Jill, onomatopoeia??? is that the word?? pulling out my 7th grade English...or as we Canadians would say..grade 7. BRRRRRR!!!! I want a margarita!

  5. well it's be consonance, Nic...but onomatopeia is one of my FAVORITE word!!!