Thursday, February 17, 2011


I don't know if y'all remember, but a few weeks ago I posted about a sewing project that I was taking on. Here's the link to refresh y'all's memory:

Well, the dress was about to be completed so I asked my friend Anna Laura to come for a final fitting. I was praying to God that I wouldn't have any major adjustments to make since I literally could not look at that godforsaken dress without setting it on fire.

When you look at something for too long, it doesn't matter if it's a dress or the sun, you're going to eventually want to gouge your eyes out!

So it turns out I was going to have to redo the zipper and rework the sleeves in order for the dress to fit like it should.

I wanted to cry.

Actually, I did cry.

I was thinking, “Why did I do this to myself”. Maybe I am a masochist (seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life)? I was the one who offered to make this dress. I WANTED to do this!”

I literally contemplated setting my 4 year old, scissor obsessed, son loose in my sewing room with the hopes that he would attempt to transform the dress into a batman cape. Oops.

I didn't.

Miss Anna Laura rockin the cowboy boots!
So after my husband calmed me down and treated me to sushi (which, by the way, is a sure way to wipe my tears away) I was able to regroup a little.

The next day, I brought the dress to a seamstress that had given me a few sewing lessons a while ago with the intention of throwing her dress, hightailing it out of there saying “Fix it and send me the bill!”.

I knew she was going to take one look at that dress and then one look at me and, “What the hell were you trying to do with this hack job”.

Instead, she looked at me, then at the dress and said, “This is a beautiful dress!”

Can I tell you, I almost broke down in tears of sheer happiness! The kind of happiness you get when your in-laws agree to take the kids overnight! I wanted to squeeze Miss Hilda out of gratitude!

That one positive comment took me by surprise but boy; it sure did curtail yet another emotional breakdown.
Hot red shoes! Photos courtesy of Gwen Aucoin

She gave me pointers as to how to alter the dress.

But the best part is she sent me home. She said, “I ain't touching that dress, it's yours to finish!”

A true teacher!

So that's what I did and here it is!

It truly doesn't matter if this dress ever sees the light of day (or the dark of night). The important thing is that I've learned that I should try not to doubt myself so much. I say “try” because I know I will doubt again, but at least I can remember this dress and think, “I did it!”


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!! Design-moi de quoi!! I'll sport it fo'sure!! :)

  2. Learned lesson (that I just learned again this week) is how far a genuine compliment can go from someone who knows what you are going through. I think that's why we have support groups.
    Congratulations on completing what you set out to do! AND the dress for yourself, too!!

  3. I wish I could ''like'' your comment Jill!..tear:-)

  4. That dress is beautiful! She looks great! And I love the dress you made for yourself as well! The back was awesome! You look gorgeous in your pics!

  5. Nic,

    you rule, girlfriend.