Saturday, February 5, 2011

Imagination Movers

After years of big purple unidentifiable creatures, red obnoxious puppets and bizarre Australian ensembles, parents everywhere rejoice!

The Imagination Movers have arrived.

Well, in fact they've been arriving for the past 8 years.

Since their beginning in New Orleans, Louisiana, this group of 4 have become the highlight of many Saturday morning living rooms. With the merging of inspirational messages and admirable musical talent, the Imagination Movers have children (and parents) literally and figuratively reaching high.

Yesterday evening, my three kids and I had the opportunity to see them live on their very first stop of their season three tour.

We braved the ''cold'' winter weather and made our way to the Heymann Center where, for the first time ever, if you did NOT have a crying, screaming kid, you looked like the odd ball. Thank God, because Emmlyou spent most of the show buried in my chest, terrified (I still don't get it, she is totally excited to go then once she gets there you'd swear I'm forcing her to watch a theatre performance of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre).


I sat there, waiting, giddy like I was 13 again waiting to see New Kids On the Block (yes, I'm that young...NKOTB forever).

I was not disappointed.

With a brief opening act from Choo Choo Soul, the Imagination Movers rocked out right out of the gates with a brand new (old school Weezer sounding) song called ''On Your Mark Get Set Go!''

With the addition of DJ Jazzy Jason and Farmer Kyle on the drums, the Movers glided, jumped and stomped energetically across the stage, jump splits and all. Appearances form Nina, Warehouse Mouse and Eddy the Monster sent the tiny people into a frenzy.

Musically, these guys are phenomenal. With their very catchy, positive songwriting and their authentic funk infused rock-n-roll, Beastie Boyish sound, the Imagination Movers bring the world of children's musical group to whole new level. Also, the addition of very recognizable guitar licks here and there (Aerosmith's Walk This Way) and their covers of pop hits (the Black Eyed Peas's Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night) helps the people in the audience born before 1998 get into it.

They are the only group who can make a song about cheese, really cool and hip!

 I could go on forever.

Cha Emmylou. They're not coming to get you...and if they are plugging your ears ain't gonna help! (For the record she was doing the chicken dance like 2 minutes after that picture)

I swear Joseph brought these binoculars all on his own like he knew exactly that he might need them (it was a ''My child is a genius'' moment)

Luke, always game!
The point is, the show was awesome. My fun-o-meter was lighting 4 suns. After Luke got over the fact that Rich wasn’t playing his drums and Emmylou realized that there was nothing gory or unnatural happening on stage, they eventually danced the night away (Joseph just follows their lead).

“Reach high, think big, work hard, have fun.” That is the Imagination Mover's motto and that's exactly what they’re doing.

I'm happy that my children and I can be part of it!

This show was part of PASA's 2010-2011 series. For more information or to buy tickets for future tickets go to


  1. Chanceux !! Les enfants et moi les adorent :) Lor

  2. ooops...les adorons !!

  3. cool Lori Ann! C'était vraiment un beau show! Heureusement que c'était ça pi point Barney:-)