Thursday, March 10, 2011



A time for sacrifice, repentance and self-denial.

This year, I started off this period of self-deprivation with a delectable crawfish stew, homemade macaroni and cheese, creamy potato salad and last but not least, deliciously tart key lime pie.

I love Lent in the deep south!

No meat on Fridays you say? Well how about a huge crawfish boil paired with fried catfish and shrimp étouffée.

Cajuns sure know the TRUE meaning of ''fasting''.

Growing up in a Catholic environment, Lent, or ''carème'' in French, was always a significant time of year.

I personally remember dreading it since I knew I would have to ''give-up'' something I really liked.

One year our parents made us give up watching English TV. We only had two channels and one TV in our house, so that pretty much left us with one French Canadian channel and no place to hide. And no offense to anyone, but if you happened to have watched French Canadian television in the late 80s then you can sympathize with us four deprived children:-)

I don't remember if we lasted until Easter, but I still remember it like it was I suppose the purpose of it all was attained.

My husband's most memorable Lent was when he and his family would say the rosary every single night.

Compared to that, not watching English TV would be a walk in the park:-)

So this year, instead of asking my kids to give up something (and due to the fact that I'm not a uber committed practicing Catholic), we are going to grow a garden. It's my attempt at getting Emmylou to appreciate vegetables and to lessen her gag reflex at the sight of a carrot.

As for me personally, I'm not sure what Lent is going to consist of.

But, maybe I'll start with depriving myself with a piece of scrumptious red velvet cake topped with divine cream cheese icing.

What happens in your house for Lent?

(Photo by Patrick CharpiatPatrick.charpiat at fr.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-2.0-fr ( or CC-BY-SA-2.0-fr (], from Wikimedia Commons)

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  1. We had to say the rosary every night, too! Around my mama and daddy's bed, on our knees. My sister Rebecca always suddenly had to "go to the bathroom" after the first decade. Ha!

  2. haha..Celeste, that is too funny!!..and hard core!!