Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank Goodness They're Cute!

So, it finally happened. After 10 minutes of a combination of stare downs and shared harsh words followed by little feet stomping up the stairs, my daughter uttered (actually screamed) the words that I had subconsciously waited for since the day she was born..... “ I don't love you anymore!”

She said it to hurt me, of course, because I had hurt her by not letting her watch “Shrek the Halls'' for the sixth time in a row.
The thing is, little kids can get away with saying anything...because they're so darn cute!

The other day, me and my three kids were sitting down having lunch at our local health club and a older man with a walker passed by. My 4 year old proceeded to point and laugh hysterically saying, “Ha ha, look at that old man!”....just for being old! The old man just looked at him nicely, smiled and said “cute”.Incredible.

Yep, they're cute and they know they're cute.

They're like cute little puppies. No matter how much they chew on that wooden coffee table (which, by the way, my daughter has actually done when she was a teething toddler), you still want to take them to bed with you and cuddle.

It's nature's way of protecting them.

So after a brief time out and a few hugs and kisses my daughter decided she loved me again. All was well in the world.

All I have to say is, “thank goodness she's cute!”

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